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DISLEY, Nr. Stockport   -   29-30 NOVEMBER 2010

Moorside grange

Moorside grange

UKDWF Annual National Conference 2010  -  29-30 November  2010  - 

Moorside Grange Hotel and Spa, Disley, Nr. Stockport


To access the presentations from the conference sessions, click on the session title (those available are highlighted in white) or email the presenters direct to request a copy. 

Monday, 29 November

10.30-11.40   Session 1
                    Opening and Welcome to the Conference by the UKDWF Chair
                    Paths to Recovery - The Changes and Challenges Ahead (Peter Burkinshaw, NTA. 

                    Service Modernisation and Impacts on Recovery (Tom Woodcock, LDAAT.  Email:

                    Overcoming Barriers to Employment (Peter McDermott, The Alliance.  Email: 


11.40-12.00   Coffee and Exhibition

12.10-13.00    DEBATE - Measures of Success: What are They? How are they Achieved?
                     Questions, Debate and Discussion

13.00-14.00    Lunch and Exhibition

14.00-15.10    WORKSHOP SESSION 1 (choose one of the following three options)

                     1 - Alcohol Services for Women (Shelan Holden, Lancaster & District Womens Aid.  Email: 

                     2 - Improving Services for Ethnic Minorities (Shaffiq Din, HMYOI Rochester & Nadeem Mirza,

                               Calderdale SMS.  Email:
                     3 - Safeguarding and Family Interventions  (Amy Wilson, Eclypse). Click here to download the

                               Protective Parenting document referred to in the presentation. 
15.15-15.45    Tea and Exhibition

15.50-17.00    WORKSHOP SESSION 2 (choose one of the following three options)

                     4 - Prevention Better than Cure: The Role of Community Support (Carol Halton & Sean

                               Reddaway, Chorley Street Pastors)
                     5 - Young People: Party Drugs and Legal Highs (Kate Hetherington & Nicola Walker, Lifeline. 

                     6 - The Changing Needs of Service Users (Tony Astley & Kevin Malthouse.  Email:          


17.10-17.30    UK Drug Workers Forum Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, 30 November

09.30-10.40     Session 2

                      Welcome to Day 2 by the Chair
                      Family Interventions and Impact for Recovery (Vivienne Evans, Adfam)
                      Barriers to Recovery: A Social Stigma (Charlie Lloyd, University of York)

10.40-11.00     Coffee and Exhibition

11.10-12.00     DEBATE - What Really Works for Recovery?
                      Questions, Debate and Discussion

12.00-13.00     Lunch and Exhibition

13.00-14.10    WORKSHOP SESSION 3  (as Session 1)

14.15-14.45    Tea and Exhibition

14.50-16.00     WORKSHOP SESSION 4  (as Session 2)

16.00-16.20     Questions and Closing Remarks



Lancashire Substance Misuse Conference - Preston - 17 May 2010

Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team joined forces with the UK Drug Workers Forum to enable workers in the Lancashire area to benefit from a dedicated regional event to update and inform workers on recent initiatives based around recovery.  The event took place at the Tickled Trout Hotel, Preston with an attendance of around 100 workers from the region.  The event was hailed a great success and we would like to thank all contributors for their input.  



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